Exact Ingredients For a Mini Info Product of Your Own

I see too many well intending entrepreneurs fail to make the money they deserve because they try to hit a homerun with a big info product their first time up to bat. There’s a secret to creating info products that are successful…start small! I’m about to show you the exact ingredients to whip up your own “mini” info product. infos-live

Mini info products force you to use the one, most important, thermn ingredient in any successful online venture…give people what they want most. Because the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is creating an info product on a general subject. I’m here to tell you…they won’t sell online.

A mini info product forces you to deliver only what your target market is most hungry for in a small, concise presentation. bantal togel

Think about why your target market buys info products online. Imagine them sitting down at their computer right now. They’ve got a problem…a specific problem that they want an immediate and specific solution to – right now! aniioki They aren’t looking for general principles or ideas – they go to a bookstore at their leisure for that.

The most successful info products online are “How to” solutions. Here are the key steps to creating your own “How to” info product: ufabetulinolm7

1. Find Out What Your Target Market Complains About Most

Whenever you hear your clients complain about something – take notes because that’s a potential info product. Take note of the most common questions you hear. You could even do an online survey with your list and ask them one simple question: “What’s your single greatest challenge/question around (fill in your topic.)” ufabettom7

2. Compile a List of “How To’s”

Take what your target market complains about most and flip it around into a “How to” statement. For example, if you’re a relationship coach and you always hear your clients complain, “I hate writing those profiles on those dating sites – I never know what to say without sounding stupid!”…then you can create a product called: “How to Instantly Write Your Online Dating Profile…Without Sounding Stupid!” Come up with a list of at least fifteen “How to” titles.

3. Choose the Most Obvious Topic for Your First Info Product

From your list, what’s the most obvious and simplest topic to start with? Make your life easy and go for the low hanging fruit.

4. Outline Your Info Product

Create a simple outline with bullet points. Don’t write a script – it takes too long and isn’t necessary. Chances are you know this topic inside and out because you work with it all the time. All you need is to organize and structure what you do so naturally into a simple, step-by-step system that others can follow. Break up your outline into the following sections:

Benefits and results of knowing this “How to”
What the “How to” topic is all about
The specific steps to do the “How to”
Address the most common questions and challenges people have regarding this specific topic
Conclude with a call to action – what’s next after they learn this “How to” (Ideally this involves hiring you!)

5. Record a Live Interview

Conduct a live teleclass wallamag (or have a friend interview you privately over the phone) and record your call. Use the outline as your guide. Never read from a script – everyone can tell and it’ll sound stiff. Focus on your energy. You want to get excited and in a natural flow state as you’re being interviewed. Get excited about your topic. People will remember your energy more than they’ll remember the detailed content of the call.

6. Package Your Call into Your Mini Info Product

All that’s left is to package your recording and leverage the information you covered. You can get the audio transcribed and use that as a manuscript for an eBook or workbook. You can also package the audio into a CD info product – either physical CDs or downloadable. Lifeservicehub

That’s all there is to it! This is a much easier solution for creating info products than trying to produce a big “System-In-A-Box” info product. Do one mini info product and see how easy it is. Pretty soon you’ll have a collection of “How to” audio programs to sell online. And THAT’S the simplest way to start your info product empire!


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