All in One Multi-Function Printer – Which One Do You Really Need?

Fetching one of those machines that can print, husamjandal fax, scan, and copy sound just so wholesome than picking up a ‘simple printer’! But, ending up with the wrong one can make you go nuts, and waste time (and paper) if not affect your sanity as well. While making your way through resolution and speed comparisons, ricoh-printer ppm numbers and cartridge availabilities just remember:

– The range goes from mini-travel companions to office monsters
– Some are particularly focused on photography needs while others on pure printing ones
– Inkjet printers are usually for long-lasting photos while laser printers are cool for speedy text document outputs newsbreak

For all in one multi-function printers, simply pick your category – home star, writing nut, ace lens man, budding businessman and gypsy on a roll.

Home star: You possibly need a multi-function printer that helps you print all kinds of stuff from vacation photos to a newsletter or a free eBook that you downloaded. The ideal for these is the SOHO-geared multi-function printer like the HP LaserJet M2727nf MFP -Multi-function Laser Printer. It gives you printing, copying and faxing in black and white but scanning in color. Easy to handle, it’s great for the whole family though a little higher on the just-under $500 side. mastermovers

Writing nut: A regular laser or inkjet printer could do fine for you to print reams and reams of ‘probable’ best-seller pages but if you plan to share the printer at home, fetch a multi-function one like the Epson Stylus NX115 Multi-function Printer that comes for a rock-bottom price of $68.10. It’s great for daily printing, quick scanning (600 dpi) for all your notes and one-touch copying when you need to return a book to the library in a hurry. It’s easily storable at 11.1 lbs. The max print res go up to 5760 x 1440 dpi. You print in color only when you need to. bishamconsulting

Ace lens man: Surely you need professional quality and cannot settle for something routine because every wrong color will bug you. If you need to build an online studio of all your prints from the pre-digital cam era, you’ll need a good multi-function printer all the more. Try something like the Canon PIXMA MP620 Multi-function Photo Printer with an unbelievable print quality of max res at 9600 x 2400 dpi! It prints wirelessly from a wifi environment across the house and reads photos directly from memory cards. shorpnews

Budding businessman: You need a multi-talented device that is rugged enough to match your tough decisions. The under-$400 multi-function printers are not too suitable for your needs. Try something like $418 Ricoh GX3000S Multi-function Printer that gives you all the features suitable for your business and good quality printing capacity of 10,000 pages per month. It works suits small business teams. pannimanagement

Gypsy on a roll: Undoubtedly, you need something that can be tucked into hand baggage, set up at a restaurant table in the middle of an island in the Bahamas or function equally well in a cramped hotel room you’re sharing with fellow ‘gypsies’ For the avid traveler, For more info visit these sites: viraltechnolgy
ooceanofgames nothing beats something quite like the 10lbs $79 Lexmark X2670 Multi-function Printer. This all-in-one gives 26 pages per minute in black and 19 pages per minute in color with 4800 x 1200 max res. There’s the reliability of 3,000 pages per month. Its dimensions are 6.9″ Height x 17″ Width x 12.3″ Depth!

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