Future Ford Cars Kill Allergies

Ford cars already have massage chair features to help drivers push away the stress of a long workday or the daily traffic jam. Preventing and relieving anxiety is a form of preventative medicine. Ford recently announced that they will take prevention a step further. pollenindex Ford cars of the future will include apps to connect drivers and riders to the latest medical news as well as such things as the pollen count.

This type of medical connection will allow drive time to become informative in a very personal way. Where the radio delivers the news and information, kutyulva a GPS-like feature will give drivers medical information about their exact location’s pollen count and smog alerts.

Using this information can help drivers in several ways. First, izomautok it will encourage them to take their medications. Modern sinus medications are designed to work best if taken every day at the same time. Knowing the day’s pollen count and smog figures, drivers will stick closer to their medical regimen.

Pollen and smog may not be avoidable in a commuter situation. However, on long trips, it will be possible for drivers to re-route their trip away from these dangers.

Drivers with asthma issues will not be tempted by a seemingly beautiful day. In other words, otthonszuletik they will resist the temptation to roll down the windows when the ap warns them about smog and pollen levels. The pollen count will remind them to keep the windows up and the air conditioning on, keeping the worst asthma triggers out.

This is good news for villanyt more than 60 million Americans who suffer from allergies and asthma. It should help drivers and their riders protect themselves from daily exposure to allergens and triggers.

This is just the first big move by Ford to put medical help into the car. Ford is utilizing a technology much like the handsfree phones found in their cars. However, unlike the phone, this app will give the pollution index, the pollen count and a four day forecast.

Pollen counts actually vary with the weather. Knowing their patterns will allow drivers to learn the best times to take their commute. Smog counts also vary with the temperature and the amount of daylight. Again, learning how to avoid smog will help drivers stay healthier. ekszer

The new Ford technology is due out in two years. In the meantime, they are working on new medical applications such as diabetes and heart rate monitoring. Some day the car may be a place where drivers and passengers can get valuable health information and data.

If these applications prove as useful as they seem, สล็อตpg drivers can use their commutes to become smarter about their own health problems and healthier as result.


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