How To Understand The Book Of Revelation Like A Prophecy Expert Using 10 Advanced Tips

It is God’s desire for us to have a working knowledge of the prophecies through a meaningful Bible study on Revelations. Contrary to what some believe, this book of prophecy is not a sealed book; as the name suggests, it is intended to reveal information about future events in a systematic and cohesive manner. Here are some tips that you can use to guide you to a better understanding of this very important book of the Bible. boccaccioravello

1. Pray and ask God for guidance (James 1:5): In recognition of the need for divine enlightenment, the Psalmist entreated the Lord saying, “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” Ps. 119:18. At the start of each Bible study breathe a word of prayer to the Lord for guidance.

2. Do not try to interpret any of the symbols in the book of Revelations: Allow the scriptures to provide all solutions. Remember, interpretation belongs only to God, and no prophecy is of any private interpretation. Gen. 40:8; 2Pet. 1:20

3. In your Bible study on Revelations, accept the biblical interpretations of the symbols exactly as stated in the scriptures: Do not try to paraphrase or reinterpret any of the biblical solutions. If they are intended for our enlightenment they must be implicitly accepted.

4. Do not speculate about the meaning of prophetic symbols or elements that the Bible does not interpret: If there is a particular element for which you do not see a biblical interpretation treat it for its obvious meaning or as a prop in the vision. A good example of this principle is found in Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s first dream in Genesis 41. In the dream Pharaoh saw river, meadow, and cows, but only the cows were interpreted. Yet the meaning of the dream was perfectly understood. coloradoskihome

5. Be guided by the parallel prophecies in the book of Revelations: (Parallel prophecies are prophecies that cover the same event or set of events. Eg. Dan. 2 and 7 are parallel prophecies) Make sure your conclusions on these prophecies harmonize. Two prophecies that are saying the same thing in different ways cannot contradict each other. In order to explain some of the prophecies in Revelations you need to compare it with parallel prophecies outside of Revelations (like Daniel). The beauty about the parallel prophecies is that you can use them to explain one event from different angles.

6. Read Bible commentaries from different authors on the book of Revelations, especially on the specific subject matter you’re researching: You need not be in perfect agreement with the views of the Bible commentators; you can still get some value even from those with whom you have a difference of opinion. When you draw from the works of others it expands your mind and exposes you to other ideas that can help you deal with challenges from difficult Bible passages.

7. In your Bible study on Revelations do not pretend to be a Mr. Know-it-all: The most critical factor in your endeavour to understand the book of Revelations is the mindset with which you approach Bible studies. If you believe that you already know everything you will learn nothing. But if you enter upon your study with an earnest desire to better understand the word, even if you are fairly advanced, your mind would be naturally receptive to new truths. The extent to which one considers himself doctrinally self-sufficient is usually an indication of a lack of appreciation for a new way of thinking. For more info please visit these sites :-

8. Do not try to fall in line with the orthodox/mainstream views on the book of Revelations: Not every thing in Bible prophecy that is popular with the prophecy experts is necessarily true. Whatever conclusion you arrive at in your prophecy studies make sure it is something you can explain independent of what is fed to you from the airwaves or in a seminar. I am not suggesting that you must not listen to your Bible instructor or even your favourite prophecy commentator on cable TV; I am simply advising you to be like the Bereans who “received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” Acts. 17:11. In other words, seek to understand the book of Revelations for yourself.

9. Attend prophecy seminars: Many advanced prophecy students will tell you that one of the things that help them to improve their Bible study on Revelation is the attendance of seminars. They will also tell you that that is how they get to know how to explain certain difficult passages in Bible prophecy. You too, can be benefited in this way. Again, you don’t need to agree in every particular with the Bible instructor. But there is always something to learn at these seminars. Some prophecy seminars may be more helpful than others. You should be able to know which one better contribute to your understanding of the book of Revelation. And, remember, make sure to do your own private studies and check the validity of what you are taught in prophecy class.

10. Be honest with yourself in arriving at your conclusions: Don’t be afraid to go where the evidence leads you, even if it puts you at variance with what is regarded as the ‘orthodox position’. That is not to say that none of the orthodox teachings on the book of Revelations is true. Just do not make ‘orthodox’ a necessary standard to emulate; neither should you consider it a federal offence to depart from the mainstream.

As truth is progressive so should your Bible study on Revelations progress. As you progress from basic to advance in your understanding of the book of Revelations, thank the Lord continually for His enlightenment and continue to express your desire for more of His truths. May the blessing promised to those who read and understand this great book be yours as you diligently study its sacred pages.

Be better prepared for the time of the end through a better understanding of the book of Revelation. If you wish to overhaul your understanding of end-time prophecy by allowing the Bible to interpret itself,

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