How to Set Up a Blog – The Basics

If you’ve read some of my other articles, you will know that blogging is not quick or easy cash and is a lot of hard work that most of the time new marketers or even old marketers don’t want to put up with or simply don’t have the patience to wait for. A lot of blogs will sit on the web collecting dust for years and will never make a penny but if you’re persistent enough, every blog made has the potential to generate cash in the long run.

I would like to cover the basics of setting up a blog and how to maximize the potential for your blog.

Your Niche
You need to properly choose a niche that people are going to come searching for. Simply centering a blog on weight Loss isn’t good enough and while it does have a wide fan base, it’s better off lowering your fan base and getting more qualified customers. Perhaps choosing a smaller based niche out of the weight loss niche such as weight loss diets, weight loss for women, etc. women power

Your Content
All of your content has to be unique and original and you would honestly be surprised how many blogs I see with duplicate or stolen content on it. A lot of people think by stealing other people’s content on a daily basis will help them climb higher in search engine rankings and saves them a lot of work and they couldn’t be more wrong. The major search engines will penalize your blog and your blog will never be listed if you try this trick.

Ad Placement/Promotion
The placement of your ads or products is most likely what’s going to generate the second biggest stream of income from your blog. The number one thing that will generate money from your blog is a large list of targeted subscribers. The key is to place ads in a catchy spot that will grab the attention of others and I find that the side bar and a top spot banner works best for me.


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