Selling Mary Kay Cosmetics – Deadly Mary Kay Consultant Business Mistake You MUST Abandon!

Mary Kay products are great. There is no question about that! Stocking inventory is a deadly party plan business mistake. This is an article speaking to the spirit of the times. stars77

Why is it a problem:

1. Ask yourself who benefits when you load money onto your credit card to buy that inventory. Businesses fail because people did not research their markets. NEVER bring a product to the market because you think they will buy! Instead you need to know what the market is willing to bear, and then bring the product they desire to them!

2. Before you stock that inventory, you need a selling track record. You need to know what is popular and keep on hand for emergencies. Keeping stock is not the issue, not selling the stock is the problem. You signed up to sell Mary Kay. Now you need to learn how to find people who want to buy it cosmetics clothing wholesale

3. You do not want to train your customers to thinking you run a store. When you don’t have everything they want, the will call the next Mary Kay cosmetics peddler.You better believe that your customer keeps a list of their own Mary Kay independent beauty consultants. Remember we are all tuned into what is in it for me!

4. Keeping inventory does not really work in your favor. Remember you have bought this product from the company and now it your responsibility, you own it. It is your business to sell it! Yes you can sell it back to Mary Kay, but you know you are going to get the call from your sales director once Mary Kay gets a handle on this I want to return inventory situation simply because the your sales director will be losing their commission! หนังใหม่ 2023

5. You are not in the business of stocking product- if you are in the business of warehousing product it is my hope that you as a person are getting paid handsomely for providing storage facilities. I am sure most party plan consultants are not!

We are not against having product stock. What we are speaking against is the indiscriminate purchasing of product without having a solid handle on supply and demand.

Action Step: Visit your local grocer and interview them relative to their stocking habits. I know they stock according to sales = demand! For more info please visit these

So if you must stock, do so prudently

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